Saturday, May 27, 2017

AutoBatcher (batch file generator)

Simply put, "AutoBatcher" (open source) is a batch file generator for processing files in a folder. It was written as a direct response to my own limited knowledge of batch scripting which I find alien [e.g. for %%a in ("*.*") <do stuff>].

The most typical scenario I usually find myself in is that I would write a batch file that would do some kind of processing with ffmpeg to media files in a folder of certain file extensions (mkv, mp4, mp3, etc). This quickly gets out of hand when you find that you have a rapidly growing collection of batch scripts (not necessarily limited to processing with ffmpeg or media files).

And since my limited knowledge of batch scrpting forced me to concede that batch files can't do everything, I wrote "BatFunk" to complement AutoBatcher. With BatFunk, you can make batch files do stuff like perform mathematical operations, pause/sleep for x seconds, compute elapsed time, make a decision using 'iif' (like 'If-Then-Else'), and, oh yeah, probe a video for information (requires ffprobe).

BatFunk example to get the duration of a video:
%batfunk% ffprobe "durationhms/ ""%ifull%""/ "%ffprobe%"" > %tempfile%

AutoBatcher's notable presets:

Irfanview Slide Show
    - Launches Irfanview after creating a list of found images.

M3U Music Play List
    - Launches VLC after creating an M3U play list file of found audio files.

Search and TeraCopy Movies (with log file)
    - Uses TeraCopy to copy videos. The corresponding log file (file, size, start, end, elapsed) will be opened with Notepad after batch processing.

Make Movies LOUDER (AAC in MKV)
Make Movies LOUDER (MP3 in AVI)
    - Because non-audiophiles do not want to be bad neighbors. Get louder whispers and less jarring explosions through dynamic compression (personal recipe). Lets you watch movies late at night on LOW volume on your TV, tablet, or phone without missing important plot points.

VTT to SRT (SubRip subtitle)
Extract subtitles from MKV
MP4 + SRT into MKV
    - Other ffmpeg examples.

Enhance Dull Pictures
    - Uses ffmpeg's filters to enhance still images (personal recipe).

Video Encode Example
    - Uses ffprobe to get video info. Uses ffmpeg to resize the video. Sets window title to "x/y ~ duration ~ file" (duration on window title is a good substitute for a progress bar). The generated batch file also creates a corresponding log file (file, size, start, end, elapsed).

BatFunk's ffprobe functions and batchlog example (warning: slow)
BatFunk's ffprobe functions and batchlog example 2 (pipe-delimited batchlog)
    - Writes video information (requires ffprobe) into a log file.

Fix Portrait Videos (vertical videos)
    - Demonstrates the 'iif' function (like IF...THEN...ELSE statement). The generated batch file probes for video information (ffprobe), and then selects either Operation A or Operation B (ffmpeg). This is a personal recipe for processing tall videos (a cropped, wider, darker and blurred out version of the tall video will be used as background).

M3U Video Play List - Long Videos Only (duration greater than 1 hour)
M3U Video Play List - Short Videos Only (duration less than 1 hour)
    - Another demonstration of 'iif'. Batch file decides if video will be added to the play list.

* Irfanview, ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffplay, TeraCopy, and VLC are registered trademarks of their respective yada yada and all that...

Download AutoBatcherBatFunk:

AU3 Source Code Only Version:

Executable (Windows):

Saturday, January 7, 2017

YTDL_Batch - A batch youtube downloader program

YTDL_Batch is a modest Windows front-end written in AutoIt for an awesome CLI program called youtube-dl. Although youtube-dl, in and by itself, does a great job of batch downloading online videos (check out the overwhelming list of supported sites), I feel, however, the need to write a simple front-end to be able to use youtube-dl easily.

The real chore is gathering the URLs or links of the videos you want to download. I wrote "ClipLog.exe" specifically for this task. It monitors the clipboard, copies and appends all URLs/links to a text file (ClipLog.txt). You will be amazed by how many links of interesting video thumbnails you could acquire in an hour. All you have to do is copy and copy without ever pasting which literally cuts the work in half.

Now that "ClipLog.txt" is full of video URLs, you then proceed by dropping this file onto the file "YTDL_Batch_[DropClipLogHere].exe". A batch file and a corresponding log will be generated and you're done! I really like the workflow that I defined, and I think that you will like it too.

1. Removes duplicate URLs.
2. Youtube-dl supports downloading whole playlists.
3. YTDL_Batch can resume an interrupted batch file and youtube-dl can resume an interrupted download.
4. YTDL_Batch displays the current download on the title (e.g. 35/284) and logs the time it started and ended.
5. Each generated batchfile downloads to its own corresponding sub-folder.

Download YTDL_Batch HERE.

youtube-dl's supported sites

P.S. Expect AutoIt's UPX false positive on your AV.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Test Encode: Vandelay

Vandelay (fictional name) is a TV sitcom that ran for nine years.  Since my USB-equipped DVD player only plays xvid + mp3 in avi videos (burned as data dvd), the files (in mkv format) will have to be converted.  The episodes are organized by season, as shown below:

Burning just 5 episodes on DVD5 is wasteful (as with Season 1) and is not an option.  It is worth noting that not all episodes are of equal duration and that some files are actually two episodes merged into one file.  In this case, Vandelay has a total of 180 episodes in 171 files.

Clicking "Select folder" ('step 2' of En Masse's main form) reveals that the Vandelay folder contains 171 files with a total duration of 67h 17m 19s.  Clicking 'Duration/x' reveals that opting for 6 discs would yield a video bitrate of 765 kbits/s, an audio bitrate of 128 kbits/s, and a maximum duration of 11h 25m 25s on DVD5.

After deciding to go with 6 discs, I then set out to re-organize the Vandelay folder.  I created six folders, and in conjunction with 'GetTotalDuration.exe', placed the maximum amount of files in each folder that would yield a total duration not exceeding 11h 25m 25s.

As shown above, episodes 1-31 (Disc 1) yields a total duration of 11h 20m 30s.

I then created a new preset with bitrate settings as suggested by 'Duration/x' (765 + 128 kbits/s), and went through steps 1-4 (select preset, select folder, generate, convert).

After ffmpeg processed the files for 40h 30m 24s (real files were used, btw), I ended up with the following:

Download VidProkEnMasse:

VidProk: Preview ffmpeg filters

VidProk lets you preview ffmpeg filters (no more test encodes, yey!).  Additionally, it includes a VF cheat sheet which lets you conveniently copy/paste filters.

Some of the video filters include:  Add noise, color curves, deinterlace, denoise (hqdn3d), deshake, draw box, draw grid, fade in, flip horizontal, flip vertical, gamma, geq - emboss, grayscale, histogram, hue and saturation, mplayer: gamma, brightness, contrast (experimental), negate, pp - deblocking, deringing, auto brightness & contrast, sepia, smartblur, unsharp, vignette, and YUV420P.

The VF cheat sheet is by no means a substitute for ffmpeg's documentation --- so, if the default values do not satisfy you, read the ffmpeg manual.

Here are some screen shots...

'play both (horizontal)':
filters used: gamma, curves, saturation, unsharp, denoise, deblock, yuv420p

'play both (vertical)':

And finally, 'play both @ pos 0x0':  Both source and processed windows are placed on the top left corner (one window obscures the other).  Clicking 'toggle' alternates between the source and processed windows.  This lets you easily see the differences, especially small differences, between the processed and the source windows.

 I know that ffmpeg is a no-joy in the instant gratification department, but I hope you'll like using this tool.

Youtube demo:

VidProk is included in 'VidProkEnMasse', it is absolutely free, and you can download it here:


VstatsReader is a simple CLI app which reads ffmpeg-generated video statistics logs (vstats_*.log) and retrieves information like peak q, peak bitrate, etc.  It generates an ini file which will be located in the same folder as the vstats log file (same file name with an 'ini' extension).

Here's a sample of a generated ini file:


VstatsLogFile=D:\SEKI APPS\Work-In-Progress\VstatsReader\sample.log





start=2014/07/10 19:50:59
end=2014/07/10 19:51:13
elapsed=0h 0m 14s

; bitrates are in 'kbits/s'.

Q stands for quantizer.  "ApproximatePositionOfPeakBitrateAlongTimeline" (yeah, I know it's a mouthful) shows a number which you can use to compute when or where along the timeline of the video the peak bitrate occurred.  If this value is 0.5 and video duration is 2 hours, then the peak occurred at 3600 seconds or at 1 hour, 0 minutes and 0 seconds.  This is, of course, just an approximate.  The reason why I elected to use a number (instead of time/PTS) is that vstats logs seem to show erroneous data when "-f rawvideo NUL" was used (even average bitrate seems to be off).

1.  In Windows Explorer, you can drag & drop a vstats log file onto the file "VstatsReader.exe".
2.  In a batch file:

@echo off

set vstatsreader="C:\VstatsReader\VstatsReader.exe"
set vstatslogfile="E:\Video Processing\Output\Logs\Debbie went to Dallas (2014).log"

%vstatsreader% %vstatslogfile%

Here's an example of an ffmpeg command that will generate a vstats log file:

%ffmpeg% -i "E:\MOVIES\Tiktik - The Aswang Chronicles (2012) [Tagalog].mp4" -vf "scale=640:360, setsar=1, format=pix_fmts=yuv420p" -vtag xvid -g 300 -qscale:v 4 -vstats -vstats_file "E:\~ VidProkEnMasse\OUTPUT\Logs\Tiktik - The Aswang Chronicles (2012) [Tagalog]_FMP4_vstats.log" -c:v mpeg4 -r 29.97 -c:a libmp3lame -b:a 96k -ar 48000 -ac 2 "E:\~ VidProkEnMasse\OUTPUT\Tiktik - The Aswang Chronicles (2012) [Tagalog]_FMP4.avi"

Other files included:
'sample.log' - you can drop this file onto the file 'VstatsReader.exe' to test.
'VstatsReader.au3' - source code (AutoIt).


HIMYM total duration

An acquaintance's hard drive reveals that...

Files: 204.  Total duration: 74h 28m 15s.  Average file duration: 0h 21m 55s.

0001-001-001-HIMYM-Pilot.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0002-001-002-HIMYM-PurpleGiraffe.mp4  (0h 22m 1s)
0003-001-003-HIMYM-SweetTasteOfLiberty.mp4  (0h 21m 21s)
0004-001-004-HIMYM-ReturnOfTheShirt.mp4  (0h 22m 2s)
0005-001-005-HIMYM-OkayAwsome.mp4  (0h 22m 1s)
0006-001-006-HIMYM-SluttyPumpkin.mp4  (0h 22m 6s)
0007-001-007-HIMYM-Matchmaker.mp4  (0h 21m 56s)
0008-001-008-HIMYM-TheDuel.mp4  (0h 22m 2s)
0009-001-009-HIMYM-BettyFullOfTurkey.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0010-001-010-HIMYM-ThePineappleIncident.mp4  (0h 22m 6s)
0011-001-011-HIMYM-TheLimo.mp4  (0h 22m 6s)
0012-001-012-HIMYM-TheWedding.mp4  (0h 21m 47s)
0013-001-013-HIMYM-DrumrollPlease.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0014-001-014-HIMYM-ZipZipZip.mp4  (0h 22m 2s)
0015-001-015-HIMYM-GameNight.mp4  (0h 21m 56s)
0016-001-016-HIMYM-Cupcake.mp4  (0h 21m 57s)
0017-001-017-HIMYM-LifeAmongTheGorillas.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0018-001-018-HIMYM-NothingGoodHappensAfter2am.mp4  (0h 21m 42s)
0019-001-019-HIMYM-MaryTheParalegal.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0020-001-020-HIMYM-BestPornEver.mp4  (0h 21m 29s)
0021-001-021-HIMYM-Milk.mp4  (0h 21m 50s)
0022-001-022-HIMYM-ComeOn.mp4  (0h 21m 59s)
0023-002-001-HIMYM-WhereWereWe.mp4  (0h 21m 21s)
0024-002-002-HIMYM-TheScorpionAndTheToad.mp4  (0h 22m 6s)
0025-002-003-HIMYM-Brunch.mp4  (0h 21m 43s)
0026-002-004-HIMYM-TedMosby-Architect.mp4  (0h 22m 5s)
0027-002-005-HIMYM-WorldsGreatestCouple.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0028-002-006-HIMYM-AldrinJustice.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0029-002-007-HIMYM-Swarley.mp4  (0h 22m 1s)
0030-002-008-HIMYM-AtlanticCity.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0031-002-009-HIMYM-SlapBet.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0032-002-010-HIMYM-SingleStamina.mp4  (0h 22m 5s)
0033-002-011-HIMYM-HowLilyStoleChristmas.mp4  (0h 21m 56s)
0034-002-012-HIMYM-FirstTimeInNewYork.mp4  (0h 21m 46s)
0035-002-013-HIMYM-Columns.mp4  (0h 22m 3s)
0036-002-014-HIMYM-MondayNightFootball.mp4  (0h 21m 31s)
0037-002-015-HIMYM-LuckyPenny.mp4  (0h 21m 34s)
0038-002-016-HIMYM-Stuff.mp4  (0h 22m 0s)
0039-002-017-HIMYM-ArriverderciFiero.mp4  (0h 21m 50s)
0040-002-018-HIMYM-MovingDay.mp4  (0h 22m 3s)
0041-002-019-HIMYM-BachelorParty.mp4  (0h 22m 2s)
0042-002-020-HIMYM-Showdown.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0043-002-021-HIMYM-SomethingBorrowed.mp4  (0h 21m 59s)
0044-002-022-HIMYM-SomethingBlue.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0045-003-001-HIMYM-WaitForIt.mp4  (0h 20m 53s)
0046-003-002-HIMYM-WereNotFromHere.mp4  (0h 21m 10s)
0047-003-003-HIMYM-ThirdWheel.mp4  (0h 21m 44s)
0048-003-004-HIMYM-LittleBoys.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0049-003-005-HIMYM-HowIMetEveryoneElse.mp4  (0h 21m 47s)
0050-003-006-HIMYM-ImNotThatGuy.mp4  (0h 21m 45s)
0051-003-007-HIMYM-Dowisetrepla.mp4  (0h 21m 5s)
0052-003-008-HIMYM-SpoilerAlert.mp4  (0h 21m 5s)
0053-003-009-HIMYM-Slapsgiving.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0054-003-010-HIMYM-TheYips.mp4  (0h 21m 46s)
0055-003-011-HIMYM-ThePlatinumRule.mp4  (0h 21m 26s)
0056-003-012-HIMYM-NoTomorrow.mp4  (0h 21m 19s)
0057-003-013-HIMYM-TenSessions.mp4  (0h 21m 48s)
0058-003-014-HIMYM-TheBracket.mp4  (0h 20m 39s)
0059-003-015-HIMYM-TheChangeOfScreaming.mp4  (0h 21m 39s)
0060-003-016-HIMYM-SandcastlesInTheSand.mp4  (0h 21m 44s)
0061-003-017-HIMYM-TheGoat.mp4  (0h 21m 46s)
0062-003-018-HIMYM-ReboundBro.mp4  (0h 21m 31s)
0063-003-019-HIMYM-EverythingMustGo.mp4  (0h 20m 59s)
0064-003-020-HIMYM-Miracles.mp4  (0h 21m 46s)
0065-004-001-HIMYM-DoIKnowYou.mp4  (0h 21m 54s)
0066-004-002-HIMYM-TheBestBurgerInNewYork.mp4  (0h 21m 36s)
0067-004-003-HIMYM-IHeartNJ.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0068-004-004-HIMYM-Intervention.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0069-004-005-HIMYM-ShelterIsland.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0070-004-006-HIMYM-HappilyEverAfter.mp4  (0h 20m 34s)
0071-004-007-HIMYM-NotAFathersDay.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0072-004-008-HIMYM-Woooo.mp4  (0h 21m 39s)
0073-004-009-HIMYM-TheNakedMan.mp4  (0h 21m 27s)
0074-004-010-HIMYM-TheFight.mp4  (0h 21m 7s)
0075-004-011-HIMYM-LittleMinnesota.mp4  (0h 21m 26s)
0076-004-012-HIMYM-Benefits.mp4  (0h 21m 28s)
0077-004-013-HIMYM-ThreeDaysOfSnow.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0078-004-014-HIMYM-ThePossimple.mp4  (0h 21m 13s)
0079-004-015-HIMYM-TheStinsons.mp4  (0h 21m 36s)
0080-004-016-HIMYM-SorryBro.mp4  (0h 21m 32s)
0081-004-017-HIMYM-TheFrontPorch.mp4  (0h 21m 32s)
0082-004-018-HIMYM-OldKingClancy.mp4  (0h 21m 20s)
0083-004-019-HIMYM-Murtaugh.mp4  (0h 21m 30s)
0084-004-020-HIMYM-MosbiusDesigns.mp4  (0h 21m 40s)
0085-004-021-HIMYM-TheThreeDaysRule.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0086-004-022-HIMYM-RightPlaceRightTime.mp4  (0h 21m 15s)
0087-004-023-HIMYM-AsFastAsSheCan.mp4  (0h 21m 39s)
0088-004-024-HIMYM-TheLeap.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0089-005-001-HIMYM-Definitions.mp4  (0h 21m 33s)
0090-005-002-HIMYM-DoubleDate.mp4  (0h 21m 39s)
0091-005-003-HIMYM-Robin101.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0092-005-004-HIMYM-TheSexlessInnkeeper.mp4  (0h 21m 24s)
0093-005-005-HIMYM-DuelCitizenship.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0094-005-006-HIMYM-Bagpipes.mp4  (0h 21m 23s)
0095-005-007-HIMYM-TheRoughPatch.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0096-005-008-HIMYM-ThePlaybook.mp4  (0h 21m 24s)
0097-005-009-HIMYM-Slapsgiving2-RevengeOfTheSlap.mp4  (0h 21m 35s)
0098-005-010-HIMYM-TheWindow.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0099-005-011-HIMYM-LastCigaretteEver.mp4  (0h 21m 28s)
0100-005-012-HIMYM-GirlsVersusSuits.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0101-005-013-HIMYM-Jenkins.mp4  (0h 21m 36s)
0102-005-014-HIMYM-PerfectWeek.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0103-005-015-HIMYM-RabbitOrDuck.mp4  (0h 21m 25s)
0104-005-016-HIMYM-Hooked.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0105-005-017-HIMYM-OfCourse.mp4  (0h 21m 33s)
0106-005-018-HIMYM-SayCheese.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0107-005-019-HIMYM-ZooOrFalse.mp4  (0h 21m 36s)
0108-005-020-HIMYM-HomeWreckers.mp4  (0h 21m 35s)
0109-005-021-HIMYM-TwinBeds.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0110-005-022-HIMYM-RobotsVersusWrestlers.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0111-005-023-HIMYM-TheWeddingBride.mp4  (0h 21m 1s)
0112-005-024-HIMYM-Doppelgangers.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0113-006-001-HIMYM-BigDays.mp4  (0h 21m 6s)
0114-006-002-HIMYM-CleaningHouse.mp4  (0h 21m 8s)
0115-006-003-HIMYM-Unfinished.mp4  (0h 21m 7s)
0116-006-004-HIMYM-SubwayWars.mp4  (0h 21m 7s)
0117-006-005-HIMYM-ArchitectOfDestruction.mp4  (0h 21m 6s)
0118-006-006-HIMYM-BabyTalk.mp4  (0h 20m 59s)
0119-006-007-HIMYM-CanningRandy.mp4  (0h 21m 7s)
0120-006-008-HIMYM-NaturalHistory.mp4  (0h 21m 6s)
0121-006-009-HIMYM-Glitter.mp4  (0h 20m 56s)
0122-006-010-HIMYM-Blitzgiving.mp4  (0h 21m 4s)
0123-006-011-HIMYM-TheMermaidTheory.mp4  (0h 21m 4s)
0124-006-012-HIMYM-FalsePositive.mp4  (0h 20m 39s)
0125-006-013-HIMYM-BadNews.mp4  (0h 21m 9s)
0126-006-014-HIMYM-LastWords.mp4  (0h 21m 6s)
0127-006-015-HIMYM-OhHoney.mp4  (0h 21m 1s)
0128-006-016-HIMYM-DesperateDay.mp4  (0h 21m 8s)
0129-006-017-HIMYM-GarbageIsland.mp4  (0h 21m 9s)
0130-006-018-HIMYM-AChangeOfHeart.mp4  (0h 20m 43s)
0131-006-019-HIMYM-Legendaddy.mp4  (0h 21m 11s)
0132-006-020-HIMYM-TheExplodingMeatballSub.mp4  (0h 21m 27s)
0133-006-021-HIMYM-Hopeless.mp4  (0h 21m 29s)
0134-006-022-HIMYM-ThePerfectCocktail.mp4  (0h 21m 27s)
0135-006-023-HIMYM-Landmarks.mp4  (0h 21m 8s)
0136-006-024-HIMYM-ChallangeAccepted.mp4  (0h 21m 23s)
0137-007-001-HIMYM-TheBestMan.mp4  (0h 21m 31s)
0138-007-002-HIMYM-TheNakedTruth.mp4  (0h 21m 31s)
0139-007-003-HIMYM-DuckyTie.mp4  (0h 21m 15s)
0140-007-004-HIMYM-TheStinsonMissileCrisis.mp4  (0h 21m 9s)
0141-007-005-HIMYM-ImWatchingIt.mp4  (0h 20m 59s)
0142-007-006-HIMYM-MysteryVsHistory.mp4  (0h 21m 8s)
0143-007-007-HIMYM-Noretta.mp4  (0h 21m 5s)
0144-007-008-HIMYM-TheSluttyPumpkinReturns.mp4  (0h 21m 9s)
0145-007-009-HIMYM-DisasterAverted.mp4  (0h 21m 1s)
0146-007-010-HIMYM-TickTickTick.mp4  (0h 21m 36s)
0147-007-011-HIMYM-TheReboundGirl.mp4  (0h 21m 15s)
0148-007-012-HIMYM-SymphonyOfIllumination.mp4  (0h 21m 36s)
0149-007-013-HIMYM-Tailgate.mp4  (0h 21m 9s)
0150-007-014-HIMYM-46Minutes.mp4  (0h 21m 0s)
0151-007-015-HIMYM-TheBurningBeekeeper.mp4  (0h 20m 2s)
0152-007-016-HIMYM-TheDrunkTrain.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0153-007-017-HIMYM-NoPressure.mp4  (0h 21m 36s)
0154-007-018-HIMYM-Karma.mp4  (0h 21m 9s)
0155-007-019-HIMYM-TheBroath.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0156-007-020-HIMYM-TrilogyTime.mp4  (0h 21m 28s)
0157-007-021-HIMYM-NowWereEven.mp4  (0h 21m 35s)
0158-007-022-HIMYM-GoodCrazy.mp4  (0h 21m 8s)
0159-007-023-HIMYM-TheMagiciansCode[x2].mp4  (0h 43m 26s)
0161-008-001-HIMYM-Farhampton.mp4  (0h 21m 39s)
0162-008-002-HIMYM-ThePre-Nup.mp4  (0h 21m 39s)
0163-008-003-HIMYM-Nannies.mp4  (0h 21m 41s)
0164-008-004-HIMYM-WhoWantsToBeAGodparent.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0165-008-005-HIMYM-TheAutumnOfBreak-Ups.mp4  (0h 21m 14s)
0166-008-006-HIMYM-Splitsville.mp4  (0h 21m 8s)
0167-008-007-HIMYM-TheStampTramp.mp4  (0h 21m 7s)
0168-008-008-HIMYM-TwelveHornyWomen.mp4  (0h 21m 36s)
0169-008-009-HIMYM-LobsterCrawl.mp4  (0h 21m 39s)
0170-008-010-HIMYM-TheOver-Correction.mp4  (0h 21m 9s)
0171-008-011-HIMYM-TheFinalPage[x2].mp4  (0h 42m 39s)
0173-008-013-HIMYM-BandOrDJ.mp4  (0h 20m 25s)
0174-008-014-HIMYM-RingUp.mp4  (0h 21m 43s)
0175-008-015-HIMYM-PS-ILoveYou.mp4  (0h 21m 40s)
0176-008-016-HIMYM-BadCrazy.mp4  (0h 21m 41s)
0177-008-017-HIMYM-TheAshtray.mp4  (0h 21m 41s)
0178-008-018-HIMYM-WeekendAtBarneys.mp4  (0h 21m 35s)
0179-008-019-HIMYM-TheFortress.mp4  (0h 21m 40s)
0180-008-020-HIMYM-TheTimeTravelers.mp4  (0h 21m 35s)
0181-008-021-HIMYM-RomewardBound.mp4  (0h 20m 57s)
0182-008-022-HIMYM-TheBroMitzvah.mp4  (0h 21m 39s)
0183-008-023-HIMYM-SomethingOld.mp4  (0h 21m 7s)
0184-008-024-HIMYM-SomethingNew.mp4  (0h 21m 39s)
0185-009-001-HIMYM-TheLocket-ComingBack[x2].mp4  (0h 41m 33s)
0187-009-003-HIMYM-LastTimeInNewYork.mp4  (0h 21m 4s)
0188-009-004-HIMYM-TheBrokenCode.mp4  (0h 21m 2s)
0189-009-005-HIMYM-ThePokerGame.mp4  (0h 21m 32s)
0190-009-006-HIMYM-KnightVision.mp4  (0h 21m 30s)
0191-009-007-HIMYM-NoQuestionsAsked.mp4  (0h 21m 8s)
0192-009-008-HIMYM-TheLightHouse.mp4  (0h 21m 2s)
0193-009-009-HIMYM-Platonish.mp4  (0h 21m 2s)
0194-009-010-HIMYM-MomAndDad.mp4  (0h 21m 38s)
0195-009-011-HIMYM-BedtimeStories.mp4  (0h 21m 25s)
0196-009-012-HIMYM-TheRehearsalDinner.mp4  (0h 20m 16s)
0197-009-013-HIMYM-BassPlayerWanted.mp4  (0h 20m 54s)
0198-009-014-HIMYM-Slapsgiving3-SlappointmentInSlapmarra.mp4  (0h 21m 29s)
0199-009-015-HIMYM-Unpause.mp4  (0h 20m 59s)
0200-009-016-HIMYM-HowYourMotherMetMe.mp4  (0h 22m 4s)
0201-009-017-HIMYM-Sunrise.mp4  (0h 21m 30s)
0202-009-018-HIMYM-Rally.mp4  (0h 20m 52s)
0203-009-019-HIMYM-Vesuvius.mp4  (0h 21m 28s)
0204-009-020-HIMYM-Daisy.mp4  (0h 21m 26s)
0205-009-021-HIMYM-GaryBlauman.mp4  (0h 21m 28s)
0206-009-022-HIMYM-TheEndOfTheAisle.mp4  (0h 21m 37s)
0208-009-024-HIMYM-LastForeverPart1-2[x2].mp4  (0h 43m 37s)

Batch denoising JPEG files with ffmpeg

I love PhotoScape! If your photoshop skills are not up to par, then you will like this program too. Its 'film effect' filters are amazing, but what I really like about this program is its Noise Reduction (clear skin) feature - your woman will love you for using it, especially on close-ups (less visible blemishes/pores/lines). However, this functionality is not available in batch editor mode (last time I checked). *sigh*

Fortunately, ffmpeg offers the next best thing, and it's called High Quality 3D Denoise.

Just create an empty text file, rename it to, like, "Denoise_JPEG_files_in_this_folder.bat", copy/paste the code below, set the appropriate ffmpeg path, tweak to taste, copy/paste the batch file into a folder full of jpeg files, and you're ready to go!

BTW, set the value for "AdditionalVideoFilters" to blank if you don't want the set filter.

<code starts after this line>

@echo off

: _______________________________________________

: This batch file will apply ffmpeg's High Quality 3D Denoise filter on all found image files in the current folder (subfolders included) and open the output folder. Don't forget to set ffmpeg's full path.

: _______________________________________________

: enter required/desired settings

: set ffmpeg path (required). use double quotes.
set ffmpeg="C:\~ En Masse\third party bin\ffmpeg-20131222-git-9b195dd-win32-static\bin\ffmpeg.exe"

: set LumaSpatial. practical range for a 640x480 image is 4-12. no quotes.
set LumaSpatial=12

: set image file types to search/process. note that all files will be converted to the set outputfile extension. no quotes.
set FileTypes=*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.png, *.tif, *.tiff

: output folder (subfolder). no quotes/spaces.
set OutputFolder=~Denoised

: output file name suffix. no quotes.
set Suffix=_Denoised

: output file extension (jpg, png, bmp, etc). no quotes.
set OutputExtension=jpg

: additional video filter (optional). this is for demonstration purposes only. precede each filter with a comma ','. you can set the value to blank if you don't want this feature. no double quotes at both ends.
set AdditionalVideoFilters=, curves=master='0.05/0.045 0.06/0.06 0.5/0.6'

: _______________________________________________

title %~n0

: create the output folder
md %OutputFolder%

: open the created output folder
start explorer.exe %OutputFolder%

: search and process
FOR /F "delims=" %%A IN ('dir /a:-d /b /o:n /s %FileTypes%') DO (
echo %%A
%ffmpeg% -threads 1 -y -f image2 -i "%%A" -f image2 -qscale:v 1 -vf "hqdn3d=luma_spatial=%LumaSpatial%: chroma_spatial=1: luma_tmp=1: chroma_tmp=1 %AdditionalVideoFilters%" "%OutputFolder%\%%~nA%Suffix%.%OutputExtension%"